An idea born from information scarcity. Allium’s vision is to create a more efficient insurance marketplace through price transparency.
  • Mission
    Our mission is disruption through transparency. The insurance industry has grown accustom to the status quo of the last one hundred years. Data from each step of the product chain is kept from the other market participants. Insureds don't know what other insureds are doing, brokers are blind to other brokers and carriers know little about other carriers. Allium compresses all the inefficiency inherent to this system by shining the light of transparency on the system.
  • Vision
    A more efficient insurance marketplace that better serves the needs of all market participants.

The Guiding Principles

  • Transparency
    Availability of information is the cornerstone of capitalism. We believe the market works best with more data.
  • Efficiency
    Lack of data creates inefficiency, unnecessary expense and waste
  • Innovation
    Insurance is a slow moving, traditional industry that needs to embrace innovation to be relevant into the future
  • Accuracy
    AI/ML and analytic models are only as good as the accuracy and depth of the data and assumptions

Big Data by the numbers

  • $2.3 Trillion
    The US property/casualty and welfare benefit market in the trillions
  • $1.9 Billion
    Current dollar value of premium inputted into the platform
  • Unlimited
    The value of the insights that can and will be discovered through our platform


  • Michael Rost
    Founder & CEO

Allium Data is backed by Venture Capital


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